Submissions for Over The Wall 2020 are now closed. Stay tuned for updates!

Rules & Regulations

  1. A team can have a maximum of three students and a minimum of two students
  2. Cross specialization teams are allowed
  3. 1st/2nd year students of two year MBA/ PGDM program can form teams.
  4. 4th year B.Tech students from IIT, Bombay can form teams.
  5. A student cannot be a part of more than one team
  6. Cross Campus teams are not allowed
  7. Students on exchange program can also participate, but a maximum of one student per team can be on the exchange program and a minimum of two students should be present during each level of the competition
  1. Campus Round & Corporate Round Guidelines:
    • Students’ ideas should comprise of the following
      • Approach
      • Proposed Idea (which should include assumptions, if any)
      • Rationale
      • Impact of Proposed Idea
  2. Submission Guidelines
    • Teams will have to submit their solutions online on the website
    • Nomenclature for the document: CategoryName_CollegeName_TeamName
    • Only one solution per team is allowed - Solutions once submitted cannot be changed
    • Solutions will be judged on the following criteria:
      • Relevance
      • Innovativeness
      • Feasibility of Implementation
      • Impact
  3. Decision to conduct the Campus Round for any particular campus shall be taken only after the first round of submissions. It will depend on the quality of solutions submitted. Marico Ltd. reserves the right to organize or not organize the Campus Round depending on the participation received
  4. Post submission of solutions and before the campus round is conducted, top three teams of each campus will be announced on our Facebook Page.
  5. The Top 3 teams will then get time to prepare their presentations for the campus round.
  6. The three selected teams from each campus will present their solution to the Marico panel. Each selected team will get 15 minutes (excluding Q&A) to present their solution.
  7. Post completion of the campus rounds, judges will pick the Top teams who will qualify for the Corporate Round. These Teams will get an opportunity to present to the CXO panel at the Marico Head Office
  8. One of the teams participating in Corporate Round may receive seed funding to realize their business plan basis the feasibility of proposed idea. Marico Ltd. reserves the right to grant or not grand seed capital to the team depending on the quality of proposed business idea.
  1. Top 3 teams from the Corporate Round will qualify to participate in Phase 2.
  2. These 3 teams will get an opportunity to work on a live project with Marico Innovation Foundation or the Marico CSR team
  3. The three teams will be briefed on their projects. The teams will also be given specific inputs to help them give their best for the projects.
  4. Immersion: Students will spend time with the partner organization and/or visit the field to understand the organization and the deliverables. In some cases, this will require travel to different areas in India. It will be important to gain exposure to field activities of the project in order to help project teams on specific deliverables.
  5. Teams will be assigned project guides and Marico mentors who will guide them for their project work.
  6. Regular meetings/ Calls with team guides and mentors will be organized to ensure regular feedback is being shared with the team
  7. Students will get a month to work on these projects
  8. At the end of the projects, the teams will be invited to present for a panel that will include – Founder and Chairman of Marico, Mr. Harsh Mariwala, the project guides, the mentors.
  9. The winning team will be awarded a cash prize of Rs. 5 Lakh and they will be declared as the Winners of Over The Wall 2020!
  10. Other details regarding Phase II including timelines etc. will be shared with the qualifying teams separately.
  • Round 1: Campus Round : 23rd Nov-30th Nov
  • Round 2: Corporate Round: 17th-18th Dec
  • Round 3: Immersion Project Round: To be Announced