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What is Over the

wall all about?

Over The Wall is like no other campus challenge.

It not just gives you the space to think different

but also act on it to actually drive change.

Change that you don’t just talk about.

Change that you make into a reality.

Over The Wall is Marico’s flagship campus challenge. Started in the year 2013, this competition is held across select B- Schools every year. Over The Wall involves students participating in real business challenges and coming up with feasible and implementable ideas and solutions to overcome the same. Students get to rub shoulders with the leadership team at Marico. Over the years, there has been an overwhelming response to the competition across campuses, with some brilliant ideas being presented by students.

₹ 7,315 Crore
₹ 1,043 Crore
Net profit after tax*

What to expect in

over the wall

Season 8

Over The Wall Season 8 brings to you the opportunity to Discover The Business Leader in You

It is your chance to think different and disruptive and give us the Next Big Idea for Marico

We are on the lookout for bright ideas from bright minds like you!

Become a part of Marico’s growth story by sharing with us your big idea.


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